Black Alpine Pig

Old fresco discovered

Fresco in Palazzo Vertemate at Piuro near Chiavenna (Valtellina, Italy). It shows Black Alpine Pigs before 1618. Probably one of the oldest testimonies (photo Dominik Flammer).

Fresco Piuro

Elegant and Elephant

The elegant piglet and its elephantlike mother on the Geissherz organic farm Pali at the Lukmanierpass, Switzerland (snapshot Dominik Waldmeier)


Gold and silver

Alpine piglets of gold and silver color with black spots south of the Hochtannberg Pass in Vorarlberg at about 1700 m above sea level. (Photo Thomas Muxel)


Summer resort on high Alpine pasture

A breeding group of black alpine pig from the Hörnlibergland at 970 m above sea level. Now for summering on Alp Nadels in the Grisons at around 2000 m above sea level. (Photo Susanne Knaus)


Great praise from high gastronomy

Hannes Pignater, chef at the "Adler Lodges" on Renon/Suedtirol, has taken delivery of a whole fattening pig, which he uses from snout to tail. To this he wrote: "We received a black alpine pig some time ago and in the meantime we have a shoulder, legs and back worked and prepared for our guests. Our conclusion is very clear, great! We are very happy to have obtained this meat and would like to continue working with you."


Rest in the favorite place

The breeding group of black Alpine pigs from the "Biohof Pali" farm in Curaglia GR in their favorite place at 1,300 m above sea level (Photo Dominik Waldmeier / Eveline Hauser).


Piglets in Valle d'Aosta

The new breeding group in Valle d'Aosta brings a lot of new blood, bonne chance!


Award for Alpine Pig Salami

Cremona Preis

At the Salami Festival in Lombardy in Cremona on October 25, 2019 the breeding company “La Pecora Nera ”from Morbegno (Valtellina) got the 1st prize for its manufactory salami made from Alpine pig meat. A big success!
The first time at a gastronomically oriented Fair the registered label (trademark) "Schwarzes Alpenschwein / Nero delle Alpi®" was used.


A historical document

A historical postcard from 1922 shows black Alpine pigs on an alp in Château-d'Oex (canton of Vaud, Switzerland)


Finally black Alpine pigs also back in Switzerland

Most alpine pig varieties died in Switzerland about 100 years ago, in the canton of Grisons they survived until 35-40 years ago. Now, after six months of preparation and subsequent two-month quarantine at Tierpark Goldau, four breeding groups have been returned to Switzerland. Difficulties were caused by a lung disease (APP) that is not treated as a disease in the EU. It was a cumbersome selection process to find APP-free animals that met Swiss import regulations. This was only possible thanks to a group of veterinarians who supported us.
The photo shows one of the new breeding groups on the Hörnlihof in 1000 m asl in the Tössbergland.


Alpine pigs now in Vorarlberg

The black alpine pigs move westwards ... Now there is a new breeding group also in Vorarlberg, in the Kleinwalsertal at Riezlern


Breeding stock again over a hundred animals

Still not in Switzerland (unfortunately), but with more than 100 animals in almost 40 breeding groups in the former dissemination area again in quite a stable breeding.


Free range pigs in Valtellina

Alpine pig offspring in one of the largest and most beautiful free-range places in the Agriturismo La Pecora Nera, Civo (Valtellina)


Alpine pigs now also in North Tyrol

After three breeding groups of Alpine pigs in the Austrian Lungau and two breeding groups in the Bavarian Berchtesgadener Land, there is now north of the Alps - since New Year - also a first breeding group in North Tyrol with Ernst Rieser.


Annual Meeting 2016 of PatriMont at Bruneck-Dietenheim

The Alpine Network Pro Patrimonio Montano has grown rapidly with its projects. Therefore the necessary steps to further development and regionalization were discussed at the annual meeting. What concerns the Black Alpine pigs:

  • The "Recommendations on the outdoor keeping and feeding" were discussed and approved
  • The protection of the quality products shall be ensured by establishing a Trademark.

Read more: Annual Meeting 2016 of PatriMont at Bruneck-Dietenheim

Folklore Museum Dietenheim shows Domestic Animals

The South Tyrolean Folklore Museum Dietenheim near Brunico in Pustertal shows not only valuable old buildings, but also domestic animals: These romp in the meadows between the houses. There is also a breeding group of Black Alpin pig namely from the pied type. The animals are on show until the end of October at the museum.


Meet of a piglet at the Young Chef Competion in Italy

Congratulations to Gianluca Monni to his success in the competition "San Pellegrino Young Chef" in Italy. He cooked a piglet of the black Alpine pigs in a clay jug from Sardinian recipe and, thus, has made the semi-finals!


First piglets north of the Alps!

On April 27, 2016 the first black pigs north of the Alps were born at Ramsau, Berchtesgaden (Upper Bavaria).


Introduction meeting with new breeders from Austria and Germany

A successful first meeting in Innsbruck with the new breeders from the Salzburg Lungau and the Bavarian Berchtesgadener Land. A committed group which will also promote the Alpine pig project to the north of the Alps.

AT DE Treff

The Black Alpine Pig now on the North of the Alps again!

A milestone has been achieved

After a successful conservation of the breed in Italy five breeding groups could be brought to the North of the Alps. Three groups live now in the Austrian Lungau (Salzburg province) and two groups in the Bavarian mountain areas of Berchtesgaden.



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