Tyrolean chicken

Well-made advertisement for Tyrolean chicken

Customers of the Aignerhof in Passiria are visibly fascinated by Tyrolean chickens. They glue photos they have taken themselves onto paper and trace them to make them clear. The whole thing is then delivered to the Aignerhof. A truly successful and great form of publicity!

hans hahn

Easter decoration in Valtellina

Our veterinarian Silvana Cerasa has again created a small work of art: an easter basket of Ciuta sheep wool of different color.


Exposition of Tyrolean chicken at the 70th agricultural Expo in Trento

This event has entered in the history of Trento city becoming the spring event for excellence, for citizens, farmers and breeders. Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March 2016 in the pavilions of Trento Fiere in via Briamasco were welcomed more than 33,000 visitors. Thanks to the association Avicoltori Trentini we have been able to set up a proper space, among many other precious breeds, to present our Tyrolean chicken to the general public.

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Egg production control

Across the whole laying period 2015, the laying performance of the Tyrolean chicken was recorded daily in a farm in Switzerland. 5 hens laid 969 eggs in this time, what corresponds to an average of 194 eggs per hen. The main laying period was from March to August. The hens were feeded with commercial organic feed (UFA Landi) without further additions. The animals had free run and access to meadows and undergrowth to take more agreeable food.

Stock numbers in autumn of 2015

Land  Tierzahl Zuchtgruppen
Germany 31 breeding animals 4
Italy 118 breeding animals
20 reserve animals
Austria 74 breeding animals 16
Switzerland 95 breeding animals
36 reserve animals
totally 374 animals 66

Breeding and breeding groups delivery in 2015

Also this year we only breed on order: There are only so many animals bred and raised as in autumn after the breeding value estimation can be issued.

Who wants to take in summer-autumn 2015 new breeding groups of Tyrolean chicken (rooster with 3-5 hens), or who needs to replace an old breeding group should pre-register as soon as possible with: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In order to perform the estimation of breeding values properly, breeding groups will only be delivered in the former area of distribution (see, map below).



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A little sensation!

As posted on May 20, we found - thanks to hints of interested colleagues - in a remote area of the South Tyrolean Sarn valley possible remnants of the old Tyrolean chickens.

In the further breeding there was now no splitting. As the photos show, all descendants have the same appearance. This is an indication that the animals found were not random crossbreds, but may actually be really last Tyrolean chicken. We will pursue the matter further!

Sarntal Silberhals

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Help wanted for the study of laying performance

The characterization of the tyrolean chickens has largely been completed (see breeding). However, we still want to record the laying and therefore we are looking for breeders who record the number of eggs of their group over a whole laying period, how they feed and what events have an influence on the performance. Breeders please contact:

Fund in a side valley of the Sarn Valley

Interested colleagues reported us last fall about particular chicken in a side valley of the South Tyrolean Sarn Valley. In a remote homestead on more than 1500 meters above sea level we came across a group of chickens that looked like the old Tyrolean chickens. According to the information received, these chickens have always been at the court. Whether there are actually remnants of the old Tyrolean, has yet to show.

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Preparation of the 2014 brood

This year, just as many animals can be reared as breeding places are available. We are looking for interested parties who either hatch hatching eggs, day-old chicks or take heat lamps weaned pups and raise up to 17 weeks of age (with compensation of costs). Interested parties who participate in the rearing, are preferred for the supply of breeding groups.

Breeding only on order: There are only so many animals bred and reared, as will be issued after the breeding value estimation in the fall. Orders must therefore take place before the hatching egg insert in the spring. Those who wish to participate in the project and take a breeding group, address oneself to the contact persons listed under Contacts.


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Tirolerhuhn-News February 2014

The latest issue of Tirolerhuhn-News (in German language) is a summary of the events of the year 2013 with the extension of the "network for old alpine breeds" in the Italian-speaking area and the associated name change

With this issue the Tirolerhuhn-News say goodbye to the readers. The "News" will be replaced by the PPM-News of Pro Patrimonio Montano, which will appear bilingual German-Italian.

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Breeding Development and breed standard

The stock has now risen to nearly 180 recorded breeding animals in a total of 30 breeding groups in 4 countries. Most animals are kept in color-mixed groups, but there are also pure white and pure black groups, jokingly called "snow-Tyrolean" or "chimney-Tyrolean". The appearance of the new Tyrolean was - apart from the color - from the beginning uniform, so that already a provisional breed standard could be formulated


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Consultation to color patterns

In the third breeding year, the variety of colors among the New Tyroleans has been fully developed. All the color patterns of the original animals can be found in various combinations. This diversity is to be preserved and cultivated, but certain colors are to be strengthened for the Tyrolese. Since, of course, not all colors can be consolidated at the same time (there are almost a dozen!), A survey with all interested parties shall clarify, which would be preferred now or in the future:

  • A colorful "Farm Mix" of all colors?
  • Or very specific colors (see list in survey)

Here you can download the survey (only in German language): Umfrage.pdf

Tyrolean chicken on TV

Tonight the Bayerische Rundfunk sent a TV show about old chicken breeds in the Alps (in German language!). In a 43-minute film the Sulmtaler, Altsteirer and Appenzeller Spitzhauben chicken are documented and the back-breeding project for Tyrolean chicken is shown in detail. Who wants to watch the program in full-length, finds it at the following URL: http://tinyurl.com/n4mwvhv

NT Schneeberg

Spring 2013

Just in time for Easter, the Tirolerhuhn-News Spring 2013 are now finished (unfortunately only available in German). It brings an experience report from the classroom, a historical perspective on the dissemination of pointed hood chickens in the central and eastern Alps, and other short messages. We are also pleased that the famous Children's Zoo Rapperswil (Switzerland) has taken a "kid friendly" breed group of New Tyrolean and wants to support the project of the Tyrolean chicken vigorously. With the following photo from South-Tyrol, we wish you all a Happy Easter!Oster Tiroler

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A dozen breeding groups

In the now ending breeding year over a dozen breeding groups could be placed. Unfortunately it was not enough for all interested parties. The Working Group will therefore keep a waiting list and hopes to have more breeding groups available in autumn 2013. For further information, the contact persons are at your disposal.

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Fiera della Gallina Polverara

On 8/9 December, a delegation of the Working Group Tyrolean chicken visited the "Fiera della Gallina Polverara", the festival in honor of Polverara-chicken at Polverara near Padua. Unfortunately, only a few of the barely a dozen remaining breeders of the Polverara breed presented their chickens.

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