Tyrolean chicken

Exposition of Tyrolean chicken at the 70th agricultural Expo in Trento

This event has entered in the history of Trento city becoming the spring event for excellence, for citizens, farmers and breeders. Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March 2016 in the pavilions of Trento Fiere in via Briamasco were welcomed more than 33,000 visitors. Thanks to the association Avicoltori Trentini we have been able to set up a proper space, among many other precious breeds, to present our Tyrolean chicken to the general public.

The audience has shown great interest and asked many questions, both for the Tyrolean breed recovery project, and for the characteristics of the Tyrolean hens. In two days of exhibition we have tried to raise awareness of the value of the breed. The colors, the tuft and morphological harmony were very appreciated, as the characteristics of frugality and docility that subjects exposed have been able to convey.


Trento Expo

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