Tyrolean chicken

Fiera della Gallina Polverara

On 8/9 December, a delegation of the Working Group Tyrolean chicken visited the "Fiera della Gallina Polverara", the festival in honor of Polverara-chicken at Polverara near Padua. Unfortunately, only a few of the barely a dozen remaining breeders of the Polverara breed presented their chickens.


Interesting, however, were the conversations with Francesco Pianta, the organizer of the exhibition, and other breeders. On mediation of our host Andrea Mangoni even a meeting with the now 84-year-old Bruno Rossetto was possible who rescued and conserved the Polveraras since 1954. Rossetto gave us a "fire-headed" cock from his breeding (see picture). This cock is a genetic line not yet present in the retro-breeding project for the Tyrolean Chicken and therefore can provide fresh blood. At the end was a visit to the church of San Michele Arcangelo in Padua, to see the fresco of Polverara Chicken from the year 1397 with our own eyes.

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