Tyrolean chicken

The back-breeding program

For the back-breeding program, selected representatives of various colour varieties of Appenzeller Spitzhauben were paired with likewise selected animals of the extremely rare Polverara chickens. The necessary animal exchange between Italy and Switzerland was approved by the relevant authorities, the veterinary requirements are met. In the offspring, i.e. in the "New Tyrolean" two things stood out:

  • Although the different color varieties have been bred to each other (to obtain the broadest possible genetic basis) outweighs black color with the offspring (even in matings whiteXwhite). Some strains developed then in the phase of pullets and cockerels a magnificent plumage (see below).
  • The offspring seems to inherit the mind of the sedate Polveraras: flying little and hardly nervous. They can be caught and picked up easily and are therefore suitable for Ark Farms with numerous children. Even between cocks, there is little aggression.

=> Those wishing to participate in the project and take a breeding group, address oneself to the contact persons listed under contacts. Animals or hatching eggs will be delivered only in the former distribution area.

Attention, the project works with a "closed herdbook". The parentage is recorded in this. This is to keep the breeding clean from crossbreeding. All animals that are not included in the herdbook are therefore considered to be crested chickens, but not Tyrolean chickens.

Please note: The delivery of the new Tyrolean should not interfere with the conservation breeding of endangered local breeds!


Nachzucht 2012: oben Junghennen, unten Junghähne

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