The Bisa dwarf cattle "has grown"

Buischa Schlern

The breeders of the Bisa dwarf cattle of South Tyrol found themselves on the Renon on Martin Lintner's Egger farm and took the conservation of this indigenous breed of the south-eastern Alps a step further.

They agreed that:

  • The German name of the breed will be "Buischa Grauvieh". With this the name is linked to the Gray Alpine breed, of which it is part. The Italian name remains unchanged
  • Information boards will be made to increase the visibility of the project on farms. In addition, a brochure with further information will be produced
  • The dates of all the animals kept in the area will be collected, in order to go ahead with targeted breeding
  • Contacts will be created with the world of gastronomy to enhance the quality meat, convinced that this natural and genuine product at zero km is ideal for the sector.
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