Governing Bodies

Technical and Scientific Commission

  • Beco, Pavel, CH-Dicken SG, Consultant for Showyards and Ark Farms
  • Caspari, Dr. Kai, CH-Zug; Veterinary and international pig specialist
  • Cerasa, Dott.essa Silvana, I-Morbegno SO, Veterinarian, advice on Italian administration and breeds of the Valtellina
  • Fortina, Prof.Dr. Riccardo, I-Torino; Specialist for rare breeds, nutrition and animal feed
  • Gauly, Prof.Dr.Dr. Matthias, I-Bozen BZ; Specialist in Mountain agriculture and Livestock breeding
  • Holzer, Josef, A- Ramingstein; Specialist in pig farming and permaculture
  • Kutzer, Dr. Tanja, CH-Ettenhausen TG, Specialist in pig farming and marketing
  • Mueller, Dr. Juerg Paul, CH-Malix GR; General Specialist in Biology of the Alpine Space
  • Stichnothe, Petra, CH-Berg TG; Specialist in pig farming, Tyrolean chicken coordinator
  • Zanon, Dr. Alessio; I-Mezzani PR; Veterinarian, Specialist for poultry and pig breeds


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